5 Tips to keeping your little ones cool

5 Tips to keeping your little ones cool

We all know how uncomfortable this weather can be, its bad enough being an adult and not being able to cool yourself but imagine being a baby and not understanding why everything around you is so hot, including that once very comforting bosom! 

Well here are my best 5 tips to keeping you little one cool and comfortable!

1. Don't be afraid to leave them in just their nappies. As cute as they are in all those beautiful summer clothes that we have spent a fortune on, get them naked and let them go clothes free. Imagine how amazing it would be if we could do that... like being abroad in just a bikini! Aaahhh! 

2. Invest in a fan, this will come in handy up and down stairs. You can pop it in there room on swivel and not only will it keep the cool air circulating, it will also create a beautiful white noise for your little one to sleep to! 

3. Pop some peas in an ice lolly mold and fill with water, not only is this a non sticky deliciously cool snack its also crammed with goodness for your little ones, meaning they can have as many as they want!

4. Keep them in the shade at all times, If your little one is under 1 then they should be in the shade at all times anyway as their skin is far too sensitive to be in direct sunlight. However, if you have a toddler over one this is difficult so just make sure you have plenty of fluids to give them (this helps regulate body temperature) and you have their head and shoulders covered... no one needs sunburn to keep them warm on the already warm summer nights!

5. And finally, if your house is like a hotbox and you don't have a padling pool or the budget to buy one, just pop them in a cool bath! Kids love the bath and if you make it a little cooler than normal (32 - 34 deg) they will not only stay cool but be having fun AND getting clean at the same time. 

So there you have it. Just a nappy, buy a fan, make some lollies, keep them in the shade and give them a bath! 


Enjoy the sunshine, responsibly... don't forget you need an SPF just as much as they do! 


What are you best keeping cool tips? Why not comment below and let other mums know how you do it?

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