Do I need two of EVERYTHING, just because I have twins?...

Do I need two of EVERYTHING, just because I have twins?...

Ok so let me just stop you right there... Yes you're having twins, Yes some things are a must, and Yes you will need two of some things. But if you think about it logically, anything you're going to have to help with, you will only need one (you only have ONE set of hands). Unless you're lucky!

For example, a walker. Yes you want them both to learn to walk at the same time, don't we all! Only to find out once they do, that we want them both to sit back down!! Back to the point, because in those initial days they're wobbly and their arms go quicker than their feet you need to be there to guide them and if you're on your own, you don't want two trying to wobble and fall because then you have two to console.

Instead, get them used to taking turns early on and sharing. That way you get to save money, stress and tears! Although you may have some fighting to contend with later but that's just human nature.

The benefit we have of having twins is making the most of these little lessons. Teaching those fundamental lessons that parents should teach, like sharing and taking turns. With singletons, this is a development stage they have to go through later in life when another sibling comes along, where as we have the benefit of them never knowing any different; so make the most of it. 

So my recommendations are, get two of what ever you want and if you have the room and money to buy two of everything then go wild, but if you don't then don't feel guilty just take advantage of the situation and teach those babies a useful lesson. 

Below are a MUST! 

- Car Seats - lol obviously they cant share, its not safe or legal apparently!

- Bouncers!! - These will save your life when you have two inconsolable babies and only one set of hands whether they are electric or manual is completely up to you. Honestly I have two of both. Electric when I wanted to get house work done and manual when I wanted to bottle feed both and have bonding peek-a-boo time!

- Teethers - there's no point only having one.. when they're teething you don't have the time or patience for sharing 1!

- Comforters - Again honestly i had about 10 and they chose which ones they wanted as with two babies they are different humans and have different needs and wants and they wanted different soothers. 

- Clothes - Again unfortunately they both require clothes and for my own sanity i dressed them the same. I had enough stress working out what I was going to wear never mind having to pick two more outfits that matched their personalities. Once they're old enough to tell me how they want to dress they can but right now its what ever is easiest for mum! Matchy matchy it is!

High Chairs - As much as these can be a pain and take up a lot of room, babies tend to get a bit narky around meal times and its not worth making one wait. They also take long enough to feed, so if you have time to do it one at once then fair play!

Prep Machines - A lot of the twin mums that I've spoken to swore by having two machines. One downstairs and one upstairs for the night feeds. Personally I only had one and survived but as so many mums have told me otherwise I thought I'd better make a point of saying it. 

Cots - They will eventually need a cot each but if you don't have the room to fit two cots in your bedroom during those initial 6-12months then providing they both fit safely in one cot, let them share and keep that closeness they had in the womb. There are a few twin sleepers out there that provide a partition but only a few are available to the UK.

To be continued... I will keep updating this with more recommendations from twin mums :)

Do you have any must haves that you'd like to share? Comment below!


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